Je vé 2 M-er tjs!
#catscarf !
"You’re a dork!"
“Wouldn’t you draw little hearts on a picture of us?”
“No! And do I have a blue mustache??”
“Yes and I have green glasses!”
“Those look more like a bra for your eye balls!”
#glbrf #livemusic #thisiscle
The VIP line at #scenealefest2014
Das a happy cat.  #purr
Just found out a week ago I can draw.  No clue,  seriously.  So here’s the preliminary illustration idea for a potential vector project.
#throwbacktuesday #amidoingitright @clevescene
Ports idea brewery.
Grumpy sound guy shirt.  Just awesome!
More Bethesda!
Bethesda at Tri-state Jazz Fest! @bethesdamoments
Touch Supper club coaster.
Stopping to smell the roses (reveling in relaxation).