Je vé 2 M-er tjs!
'Meliers likes her new rug.
Amelia doing cat stuff on my shoulders! #catsareweird #cats #catscarf #catsofig
April showers my butt! 😣😣😣
Lazy Sunday afternoon. #Naptime #AwkwardFamilyPhotos #CuddlePuddle
Dinner with the love! A veritable smorgasbord of delicious offerings from the dollar bin in the cheese section at giant eagle! #regrambecausewedemolishedit
Amelia Bedelia.
Unpacking / organizing the new apartment this afternoon. I can actually see the dining room floor!
Our fridge!
Our little living room!
Here’s the bathroom.
Lots of sunshine in the dining room.
Our modest but well-appounted kitchen.
Dan unpacked some things at the new place. Look at what he put on the fridge for me to find.