Je vé 2 M-er tjs!
My hair is AWESOME! Curled it with a straightener yesterday and I’m loving the Day #2 look.
Dr Who-athon !
This is what heaven looks like.
They are literally dancing on the walls here. #pandemonium
Bethesdas very last show!
#catscratchfever ?  Was #catscarf earlier and Amelia got spooked and jumped off me. Thank you, Duck for cleaning me up
When cleaning out the office for the pending move, one of our staff members found this old 90s street team shirt. @clevescene #throwbackthursday #Tbt #cleveland #clevescene
Long day, kinda having some pain. Just you know. Laying on bed for a while before I try to fall asleep.
Me and Amelia!
My photo editing companion #catsofig
Oh #Cleveland
Painting at Great Lakes Block Party
Picking up something at Catanese. The fish looks great mmmm
Sticker spotted at the office, promoting one of my favorite 90s songs. #Tbt (maybe) @clevescene